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Face Mapping: What’s Your Skin Trying To Tell You?


Isn’t it awful to see a large zit staring back at you from the mirror! Eeek!

Your skin – the largest and the most visible organ in your body – acts like a mirror – literally!  Whenever something’s wrong with your body, it reflects it. That’s why you need “face mapping”.

So, what is “face mapping”?

It’s a tried-and-tested technique of understanding the problems that the pimples on your face identify.

Mapping your face: The Breakouts Tell A Tale of Neglect 

What is Face Mapping?

Breakouts on different parts of your face indicate a certain kind of underlying problem in your body that you need to address before it’s too late! Mapping the face is to break down the face into different segments that can help you identify pimples there with specific underlying issues.

Types of Face Mapping

  • Chinese Face Mapping

  • Dermalogica Face Mapping

  • Acne Face Mapping

Chinese Face Mapping: A 3,000-year-old method, known as mien shiang (translated as “face reading”), divides the face into interlinking segments, each associated with a specific organ(s). According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners, chemical imbalance within these organs is transferred through the body as “qi” (energy), triggering reactions, including those manifested on specific areas of the face as pimples on the forehead, pimples on the chin, pimple on the nose, forehead acne, or even dryness along with pimples on the face. TCM breaks down the face into 8 zones:

  • Forehead

  • Temples

  • Eyebrows...

Dermalogica Face Mapping: A more modern version of dermatological understanding, combined with traditional Chinese medicine, this technique was designed by skincare brand Dermalogica. This technique breaks down the face into…

  • 2 zones on forehead

  • 1 between eyebrows

  • 2 for ears...

Acne Face Mapping: A complete breakaway from the Chinese method and based completely on scientific understanding, this technique splits the face into…

  • Forehead

  • Nose

  • Hairline...

Now that you know what face mapping is, let’s discuss the different segments as accepted by most skin specialists worldwide.

Pimples on face...

Pimples on face & Ailing Organs

  1. Forehead: Pimples on the forehead indicate problems with the nervous and digestive systems (gall bladder and liver). Forehead pimples and acne are symptoms of stress and lifestyle issues.


  • Drink more water

  • More whole grains, fruits & vegetables

  • Less processed foods & fats...

Taking a Step in the Right Direction

Now that you’ve understood “what is face mapping” and how you can identify the underlying problems, we hope you would take good care of your... 

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