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Best Email Marketing Tools


If you expect your business to grow, you would need to reach out to your customers, clients, end-users, and…well, millions of people with whom you would need to engage – and keep them involved in your endeavours.


That’s where email marketing comes in handy as a marketing strategy!


Email Marketing can be an excellent marketing tool and one of the most efficient ways to share messages, sell products and services, as well as build long term relationships.

But imagine sending each and every email individually to the millions of people you want to touch base with – IMPOSSIBLE..


How We Chose The Best Email Marketing Tools

Email Marketing Tools basically trigger a series of automated emails as per subscribers’ interactions with different delivery channels.

Nevertheless, over three-dozen other email marketing services are available in the market – all doing as much if not more for their clients. You don’t want your mails to get lost among them...

Email Marketing Tools: The Finalists

  1. MailChimp

  2. HubSpot

  3. GetResponse

  4. Sendinblue

  5. Constant Contact

  6. Campaign Monitor

  7. ConverKit

  8. Aweber

  9. Zoho Campaigns

  10. Mailigen

Best Email Marketing Tools: Why They Are The Best?


A dominant player in the email marketing space, MailChimp offers every user some of the

best tools to sell their products/ services.

Whether you’re looking to take your business online for the first time or scale your existing

business, its all‑in‑one marketing platform has something for everyone!

It connects with new customers, sends personalized behaviour-based campaigns, and

increases engagement with mobile and web...

Final Thoughts

The choice of email marketing tool, after all, boils down to…

  • Your specific requirements

  • Current & potential subscriber-base

  • Budget...

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