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Can CBD go Bad? Does It Expire?


Cannabidiol oil has many awesome qualities.

  • It treats your pains better and safely

  • It relieves stress, anxiety, and depression

  • It helps you stay healthy, focused and energized

While that’s all good and well, it doesn’t have the power to freeze time.

Like all other packaged foods and natural products, CBD, too, CAN go bad – over time.

It doesn’t go bad within days, like in case of fresh produce, such as milk or bread, but it does have a shelf life and an expiration date.

While there are ways to maximize this shelf life – which is usually long enough for you to exhaust the product – you should still take note of the expiration date (mentioned on the label) when you buy CBD.

Expiration date: How long does CBD oil last?

Generally, a high-quality CBD oil remains good for around 12 – 24 months, if stored properly. However, if you’re not sure you can exhaust your stock by then, it’s best to keep it in the fridge. That’ll preserve it for a little longer.

Although CBD doesn’t typically turn bad immediately after its expiration date; it starts to lose potency. It’s safest to check the expiration date on the label and, thereafter, stay alert for when you sense something off about...

Beware: The brands may be pushing their products at rock-bottom prices because they’re nearing their expiration and need to get rid of their stocks.

The next time you wonder how long your CBD oil will last, find out about the telltale signs.

Indications Your CBD May Have Gone Bad: The Litmus Test

  1. Check the expiration date: This is a sure-shot indication. If you’ve crossed the expiry date, you should know that, it’s why your CBD oil may be tasting different. [This could’ve been avoided if you’d refrigerated it.]

  2. Texture & Color: Good quality CBD products usually remain intact even after the printed expiration date has passed. However, if the texture turns foggy/murky and/or its color looks darker than normal, chances are that the ingredients or compounds in the product are breaking down...

Why does CBD Go Bad? What Happens If You Consumed It?

If you’re still reading this, you must be wondering: “Why does CBD go bad?”

CBD oil is essentially a natural plant extract (combined with other botanical ingredients, natural and/or artificial flavorings). Naturally, it has a shelf life.

CBD oils can…

  • Get spoiled due to being exposed to different kinds of bacteria in the air

  • Go stale due to exposure to air, moisture, high temperatures, or direct sunlight

What happens to expired CBD?

Over time, CBD begins to oxidize, break down, and evaporate, making it less potent than it was when you...

Factors responsible for CBD going bad

Manufacturing factors​

Reputed manufacturers always take care to ensure their products are of high quality. Higher the quality, higher is its shelf-life. Then what governs their degradation?

  • Additives: Pure CBD oil, i.e. those that don’t contain added ingredients (natural/artificial) last longer. Added ingredients usually include flavorings, colors, other botanical extracts to enhance CBD’s effects. If they start breaking down...

Consumer Considerations

Consumers must pay attention to how they store CBD. To maximize the shelf life of their CBD products...

The best way to prolong CBD’s shelf life is to:

  • Store in a COOL, DARK place, away from direct sunlight, such as inside a drawer, cabinet, or cupboard. Even though softgels have a protective cover, they should be kept inside their original...

Parting Thoughts

We’ve often seen CBD users stocking up whenever offers, deals, or discounts become available in the market. CBD...

Mental health issues are often ignored and even suppressed. In fact, most people tend to keep them under wraps, refraining from seeking help or even talking...


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