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What Is Content Writing?

Explaining The Whims & Woes Of A Modern-Day Content Writer

Team Creatie

They say that art imitates life, and life imitates art. And at their intersection, you will find content writers painting a picture with the right words to improve the lives of others.

But many falsities about content writing are, in part, gaining traction thanks to self-proclaimed pundits on LinkedIn and Instagram who view it as a side hustle more than an art form. However, that’s far from reality.

Yes, being a content writer can be a very rewarding experience for those truly passionate about it. But then again, this job isn’t for everyone. And since we have decades of experience in this industry, we wanted to give our two cents.

Content Writing 101: Busting Myths & Misconceptions

Content writing, like most other forms of writing, such as a novel or poem, is also a form of storytelling. But it still has its nuances.

The word “content writing” is an umbrella term that refers to the practice of writing blogs, scripts, articles, product reviews, press releases, posts, etc., for a myriad of digital media. As a content writer, you’ll generally be responsible for creating fresh, unique, creative write-ups that are relevant to a particular topic or genre, to engage a certain target audience, and, hopefully, convert them into customers.