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Lessons From A Pandemic

Lessons From Pandemic

They say: "You don't know what you have until it's gone".

It's ironic how it takes a pandemic for us to value the things, people, and relationships we often take for granted, knowing they will always be there, be a part of our lives, be a part of who we are - until they are gone...

When all those things we felt privileged to enjoy and possess are suddenly snatched away from us, we realize their value - and our gross failure to treasure them.

That is what we learned from this pandemic.

Hold them near and treasure every moment of those people, things, and relationships - treasure them to their utmost potential - while you have them.

  • Your relationship with your neighbor, whom you may not like, can teach you an important life lesson.

  • Your association with your grocery store owner can offer you valuable insight into the essence of what life can offer - and take away.

  • The maid who does your dishes can play an important role in your life in making you who you are today.

  • Your children can also offer a wider perspective on life and show you how to handle business and manage work-life better.

It may seem unusual, even impossible, but it's true. Just give those tiny, seemingly worthless relationships and the people they involve a chance - a chance to show you who you really can be!

Never Take Anything For Granted.

Living Life To The Fullest is not about buying new things and owning assets.

Living Life To The Fullest is Appreciating Everything You Already Have!

So friends, LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!! And don't forget to greet all those people you see every day and take for granted, because one day they may vanish from your life without a trace, leaving a wide gaping hole...and you'll realize you never got a chance to repay your debt to them, never got the time to say "thank you" or "hello"!

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