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If you’re looking to work with a company that values creativity, passion, and excellence, then here’s your chance!

Office Consultation

Content/ Copy Editors

Job Description 

Creatie, an international English online and offline content provider, is looking for qualified and experienced content/ copy editors to join our team of professionals.

You may be asked to edit a research article, dissertation, blog, press release, article, or web content. We expect that you read through them thoroughly and edit them appropriately, making it more easily readable, interesting, factually correct, and grammatically flawless. The end-result should contain fluid writing style, simple yet well-articulated language, and a welcoming tone.

Remember: An Editor’s role is not that of a glorified writer. It is to actually edit.

You must aim to preserve the author’s voice, keeping his/her underlying message intact. No matter what the niche, you must make sure to revise and ensure the technical areas don’t just make sense but have clarity for someone reading it.

For that, you must be intuitive and willing to work around the problems you may face, without complaining about hurdles. We all face them. But we overcome them on-the-go. That is the kind of editors we need – someone who is really outstanding.

Two other essential qualities that you must have are: Quality Writing Skills and Timeless.

Why Creatie?

Freedom and flexibility

We have fixed deadlines, but our freelance editors are allowed to work from any location at any time of the day they prefer, as long as they have access to stable internet and Microsoft Word. Our freelance editors are also allowed to decide on the workload they would want to handle. However, we do expect them to take on at least 10,000 to 12,000 words a day. Your compensation depends on the document word count and the turnaround time specified by us. Work will be assigned based on your background and work experience as well as your availability.

Steady flow of work

You will have a steady and constant workflow. Our ever-expanding clientele ensures that. The better you perform, the more work you get. With increasing availability and performance, editors can get more work done and receive higher monthly pay. Of course, the workload may fluctuate depending on the time of the year and client requirements. But we always try to make sure we do not give you more than you can handle.

Initial & ongoing training and feedback system

We do not expect editors to be the best in the world. We expect them to grow with us. That is why we, at Creatie, start off with a training session (while you work and get paid) and continue to guide you to be better editors. We welcome constructive feedback from both you and our clients. That is what keeps us and you on our toes at all times. We also hold regular assessments to give us a 360-degree perspective of our editors’ performance to gauge their strengths and weaknesses to help you focus on the potential areas of improvement. Our comprehensive set of Editor Guidelines will help you understand exactly what are expected of you to ensure the highest client satisfaction. Creatie offers you the perfect skill-building regime to help you achieve superior results that you won’t find at other content creation firms.

Efficient & convenient content management system

We work on one of the most efficient and easy-to-use content management platforms to help us complete orders swiftly and easily, ensuring smooth and optimized efficiency for users on both ends. You will be assigned jobs on the platform and you must submit your work on it within the given timeframe. You will be guided through the process and can communicate with your project manager whenever you need to resolve any issues and answer any questions that we may have regarding the orders assigned to you.


  • Write, edit, and proofread copies, as well as add value to copies, to produce compelling and cohesive content that is readable by a whole range of online readers.

  • Edit ~10,000 to 12,000 words on daily basis.

  • May include writing ~5,000 – 6,500 words in a day’s work (not when asked to edit copies).

  • Edit & proofread documents for grammatical, spelling, factual, and technical issues.

  • Ensure lucid, natural, verbal language (not bookish!) and flow of communication.

  • Retain original intended meaning/message of the writer/author while editing/rewriting. 

  • Write the comments (in the margins) explaining the revisions, including comments to the author.

  • Respond to order/assignment notifications promptly and meet deadlines.

  • Stick to the deadlines – but don’t forget to maintain high quality. These two are sacrosanct.

  • Be prepared to explain yourself in cases of errors on your part. Remember, editors are meant to ensure quality control and accountability of an agency. So, an error you missed to address is your mistake!

  • Be prepared to explain yourself to clients’ queries relating to the document you’ve edited.

Basic Qualifications

  • Native fluency in English

  • Command over advanced English language

  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in any stream/discipline

  • Adaptability to write in US/UK/Indian English

  • Analytical and critical thinking skills

  • Fluid fact-checking abilities

  • Attentiveness to details

  • Minimum 4 years’ professional editing experience

  • Advanced proficiency with MS Word

  • Strong technical writing skills

  • A keen eye for errors in writing 

Preferred Qualities & Qualifications

  • Independent and self-motivated

  • Previous experience at a professional editing firm (newspaper, magazine, content provider, publishing house, etc.)

  • Target-oriented and prompt with deadlines


  • Fulltime

  • Salary: Best in the Industry

Hiring Process

Submit application with resume & samples      [Review Process]       Complete Test     

[Evaluation of Test]     Interview      Notification of results by email

How to Apply

Send your applications to or under the Subject Line "Content/ Copy Editor"

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